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Melanie Beasley

Starting in the summer my fiancé and I felt it was time to purchase our first home. With our wedding just around the corner we wanted to find a place that felt like ours before the big day. We officially started looking for homes in August/September of last year. With the market booming we started  to feel overwhelmed with all the possibilities of finding our first home and the shock that homes just are flying off the shelf. We talked a lot about the process with my parents and the ups and downs we had experienced when looking. At one point my father remembered a friend from his childhood who had a brother that was in real-estate. This is how we found out about the Beasleys. My fiancé and I met up with the Beasleys shortly after contacting them and told them what we really wanted to find in our first home. Once we had a good outline going Melanie pulled a search and sent us options. Over the course of a couple of months we looked at tons of different homes, some good and some not so great, all ranging in size, price, and location. Melanie would meet us on the weekends and after work, honestly she would meet us anytime that worked for us. My fiancé and I started the search knowing we wanted to stay in the “Ballard” area. The hard part was we wanted to find a good deal. Mind you during the last year “good deals” are hard to find if they exist at all. Melanie stuck with us throughout this whole process of low bids, nail bitters, and moments of doubt. She was always encouraging us that the right place would come along and it would all work out. Finally in November we found another place. With high hopes we put in an offer, it was ACCEPTED!!! Finally we felt a moment of relief and we could take a breath. This is when the fun really started, getting the inspections and signing docs. It was great because George came out during the inspection to answer questions that we might have and provide reassurement with any open items. Melanie was always around any time of day to answer our questions. As first time home buyers she provided us with the support and confidence we needed to make this big life change. We have been in our new home for almost a month and couldn’t be happier. I would greatly recommend the Beasleys and will be using them again for any real estate needs we have. 

Jeremy and Elizabeth

Melanie Beasley is a Real Estate Broker with The George Beasley Group. Melanie began her real estate profession in the title and escrow industry in 2000. As a licensed Limited Practice Officer/Escrow Closer, Melanie acted as a neutral third party helping buyers, sellers, lenders and real estate brokers navigate the closing of their real estate transactions.
After many years of a successful and fulfilling career, Melanie decided to take her experience, skills and knowledge and join her husband, George Beasley as a real estate broker. Since joining her husband in 2013, Melanie has taken much pride, passion and heartfelt drive to serve their clients' best interests.

Melanie’s dedication, exceptional service and ability to listen to clients’ wants, needs and desires, help in making the buying and/or selling process an enjoyable one. She understands that a transaction as emotionally and financially important as buying or selling a home, can be one of the biggest decisions of a lifetime. The person holding your hand through the process not only needs to be knowledgeable, but also genuinely care about their client’s and their families best interest.

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